Unleashing the Sexy inside every Mommy’s body, mind and soul.

MomEscapes will be the first ever 48 hour unique, one of a kind getaway designed to fulfill every mom’s, ‘inner’ girl, dreams come true.  The event is dedicated to create an environment that is the absolute ultimate in health, relaxation, rejuvenation, inspiration, and overall wellness. It is an exclusive one of a kind limited opportunity. The attendees will be the first to experience the newest state of the art head to toe Hollywood style treatments from the world of  fitness, spa, beauty, fashion, food, photography and more.

MomEscapes Itinerary will include but not limited to:

  • Scientific cutting edge workouts designed specifically for optimum fitness/stress release/opening.
  • Inspiring and revelational interactive conversations with event organizer, Emmy Winning Author of It Takes All 5 Kerri Zane.
  • State of the art choice of unique momEscapes rejuvenating spa treatments.
  • An elegant calorie conscious cooking lesson, lunch and mouth-watering desserts
  • Wine and food pairing tastings
  • The opportunity to mix, mingle and make new friends.
  •  A one of a kind shopping experience courtesy of a store on wheels.
  • Head to toe makeover including hair, brows, make-up, shoes, even bras!
  • Plus a chance to put it all together for an evening of flirty fun.
  • Early morning after hike with an Olympic Athlete.
  • Tennis and Golf programs
  • Salsa or tango dance classes
  • A spring/summer fashion show
  • Post makeover glamour photo session
  • Full size products and services goodie bags

The Perfect MomEscapes Girls

This once a year event will be open to all moms nationwide. The event will be held Wednesday evening through Friday morning and exclusively limited to 15 participants.

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