Calling All Single Moms Who Are Struggling To Find Calm Amidst The Chaos

From STUCK to Success:  How to Become A Single Mom Super Star  In Five Short Weeks!

Are you thinking about getting a divorce, find yourself in the midst of a divorce, or still reeling from your divorce?

Do you lie awake at night, worrying that not only did you lose your husband in your divorce, but your support system of friends, too?

Are you worried about how to help your kids heal and move on from the divorce?

Do you feel alone, isolated, uncertain about where to go from here or who you can turn to?

If you answered YES to any of the above, keep reading.

The good news is, you’re not alone.

Millions of women have come before you.  And just like them, you CAN discover a drama-free approach to reinventing and redefining yourself after divorce while raising healthy and happy children – without losing your sanity or your sense of self! 


Once upon a time, I was in your exact shoes.  

And my clients have been there too.

If you’re like many of the women I work with, you:

  • Feel like your entire life is in upheaval and have no idea what to do about it.
  • Have a death grip on your old life – even though that old life no longer exists.
  • Feel completely isolated and alone, like you’ve lost most of your friends as well as your spouse in the divorce.
  • No longer trust yourself or your ability to make major life decisions.
  • Live in a massive state of shame and blame.
  • Worry about how you’ll raise your kids on your own.
  • Secretly believe that the ONLY way you can be successful in life is to be part of a couple.
  • Wonder if you’ll ever find love again.


It doesn’t have to be so hard, and you CAN learn to pick yourself up,
dust yourself off, and recreate your life following your divorce.

Not only that.  You CAN rediscover yourself, design your fantastic future, and fall madly in love again.

All of this and more is possible!


Dear Friend,

Once upon a time, I was in your shoes.  The Year was 2001 and my 12-year marriage was crumbling all around me.

Life, as I knew it, was over.

My identity as I’d come to know myself – married, wife and mother of two young girls – was falling apart.

My deepest, darkest fears were being realized. And I lay awake nights wondering and worrying…Who would I become without my identity as part of a couple?

How would my divorce affect my young daughters?

How I would financially support my family?

Would I ever find a man to love me again?

In those deep, dark moments, I envisioned a depressing future without love, light, or laughter.

Life as I knew it was over.

As the poet John Vance Cheney once said, “The soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears.”

And while I shed plenty of tears during this time, one day I woke up and decided it was time to find

my rainbow.


What followed was a journey – a discovery process of healing myself from the inside out. 

During this time, I earned my masters in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, delved into extensive research, and interviewed 100’s of single moms from across the country.  It all taught me important life and empowerment skills with a broad emotional baseline to add to my physical grounding.

I embraced compassionate self-forgiveness, truly listened to my intuition, worked on redefining (or as I call it rescripting) my past, and embraced my ability to make different choices allowing me to create a bold and exciting future.

Along the way, I began having healthier relationships not only with men, but also with my daughters, my mom, and most importantly, myself.

As time went on, I shifted my beliefs about the constructs of what true love really means.  I began to consider my own dating experiences as enjoyable and educational opportunities rather than prospecting ventures for finding a new husband.  I rescripted every encounter as a way to learn more about who I was and what I wanted in not just “The One” but “The REAL One.”

This 10-year journey led me to develop a unique new way of being and the most effective method to finding a new relationship.  I call it the 5-Finger Philosophy.

In my first book, “It Takes All 5: A Single Moms Guide To Finding The REAL One” I’ve outlined a powerful, life-altering, and empowering guide for all single moms to ultimately and once and for all have a “REALationship,” which, I am happy to tell you, I have found and so can YOU!

Today, I work with women just like you to reinvent, recreate, rescript, and redefine what life looks and feels like following a divorce.


I’m so passionate about helping other women to feel safe to show up for themselves in new ways – and to honor their journey of healing and happiness while raising their children to do the same.

My clients are quickly healing and moving on from their divorces, and even embarking on exciting new love adventures!

That’s why I created my From STUCK to Success: How to Become A Single Mom Super Star LIVE Webinar Series.

Here are the outcomes I want you to be experiencing after participating in my 5 part LIVE online series:

1.  You’ll know exactly who you are and what you want to create for yourself

2.  You’ll have a realistic game plan for helping your kids heal from your divorce, while creating healthy boundaries with your ex

3.  You’ll see that neither your marriage NOR your divorce was a mistake and you’re a better woman for having experienced both

4.. You’ll feel empowered to make better choices in life, and once again trust your ability to do so

5.  You’ll experience a sense of peace and confidence, knowing you CAN move on and create a happy life

6.  You’ll identify where your unhealthy/unhappy beliefs and stories come from, and how to rewrite them to live the NEW life you desire and deserve

7.  Your relationships with your children will be less dramatic and more fulfilling

8.  You’ll know what you’re looking for in your next relationship so you never again waste time with Mr. Wrong

9.  And much more!

If you’re ready to STOP feeling stuck and START making happiness and healing a priority in your life, then now’s the time to join my From STUCK to Success:  How to Become A Single Mom Super Star LIVE Webinar Series.

Join in on my five LIVE webinars where I guide you step by step from the drama and trauma of your divorce in to the new and improved YOU. 

Program starts Wednesday, October 9. 

Here’s a breakdown of the calls, week by week.

Wednesday, October 9th
Webinar #1:  Start With Your Story
We’ll dig right in, pinpointing the stories that require rescriptingtm, writing clear affirmations, and creating your roadmap to happiness.

Wednesday, October 16th
Webinar #2:  Eliminate Mistakes and Forgive The Past
We’ll eliminate any residual head hate in two easy steps and forgo all the worrying past, present and future.

Wednesday, October 23rd
Webinar #3:  Make Mama #1
We’ll explore all the ways to not only build stellar confidence but also drill down to the essence of your happiness.

Wednesday, November 6th
Webinar #4: Fly in the face of fear
We’ll explore the 5 steps to fearlessness, get to the bottom of “In You We Trust,” and ground every day in the hear and now.

Wednesday,  November 13th
Webinar #5:  Fill Your Glass
We’ll unlock the 5 secrets to creating the ultimate REAL bright future.

Surprised beauty

Special Bonuses

In addition to the five LIVE weekly webinars with me, you’ll also enjoy the following complimentary bonuses worth over $750…

Special Bonus #1: Ongoing Support & Coaching ($500 value)

Just like you wouldn’t train to climb a mountain without consulting expert advice, you won’t want to embark on your post-divorce journey without my expert support and coaching.

Every week for five weeks, you’ll receive emails from me offering support, inspiration, tips and tricks to guide you in this healing process.

You’ll also have the opportunity to connect with other single moms and share experiences, ask advice, share challenges, and successes.

I’ll also be available to answer any and all questions and offer advice via email within 24 hours.

And I’m happy to open my rolodex of experts in every area of single motherhood worldwide!

Special Bonus #2: Online Community ($250 value) 

When I work with my private clients, they join my Facebook community of like-minded single moms who are ready to reinvent themselves in ALL areas of life. When you participate in my LIVE webinar series, you, too, join a private Facebook community of single moms all over the world. In this community, you can:

  •  Ask questions
  •  Get advice
  •  Find support
  •  Create your village
  •  Share challenges and successes

Special Bonus #3:  The It Takes All 5: Healing The Inside Workbook ($20 value) 

My 45 page manual includes everything you’ll need to make the most of this webinar series, complete with exercises, activities, and accountability.

Special Bonus #4: It Takes All 5: A Single Mom’s Guide To Finding The Real One ($20 value) 

You will receive my Amazon best selling book that started the Takes All 5 Movement!

Divided into three sections, the book has five straightforward how-to’s for healing the inside, healing the outside, and re-entering the world of dating as an amazingly confident woman. It outlines the no-fail, 5 finger philosophy for finding not just “the one” but “the real one” for a truly authentic and renewable “real”ationship. The book is packed with valuable life skills, up to date research, and inspirational personal stories told by single moms from all over the country.


Ready to Invest In Your Future? 

We start Wednesday, October 9th at 7pm PST. 

Will you join us?