Single Moms: Does Divorce Run in the Family?

by Kerri Zane on December 26, 2012

simpson The Huffington Post recently ran an article titled “Famous Siblings Who Have Been Divorced,” stating that “people with a divorced sibling are 22 percent more likely to get a divorce than those who don’t.”  Could it be?

Personally, this is the case with a lot of my friends.  Divorce is obviously not genetic, but sharing similar backgrounds and environments may influence your decisions.  Not only that, but seeing a sibling who you love and care for get divorced may spark new ideas in your own life.  It may open your eyes to self-reflection and how unhappy you are, and then you start to think that if they can do it, so can I.

It made me wonder, can friends have the same influence?  At times, it seems that divorce spreads like wild fire.  One friend gets divorced and shares their perspective on unhappy marriage versus a new single life, and suddenly their friends start doing the same.  Is divorce contagious?

Our social networks have a major influence on our lives.  When it comes down to it, we need the support from our friends and family to get through most of the difficult things in life.  Still, it is important to really consider the consequences of divorce in your life before taking the plunge just because your siblings and friends seem happier.  When considering divorce, make sure you talk about it, evaluate all aspects of the situation, and seek help.

What do you think about divorced siblings?  Can you relate to this topic?

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