Spring Nail Colors

by Kerri Zane on March 31, 2011

The spring nail color collections are out.  Companies are broad stroking the palette from pail pinks to crazy neons. And we are ready! After the rainy, cold, snowy, stormy and tsunami earthquake torn winter we need some uplifting. Easter signals a warming trend, flowers are blooming, days are getting longer, sunsets glowing beautifully and the top is coming down on the convertible as the sun warms bare shoulders in the sunshine.  It is time to paint on some bright, light happiness.


Words usually reserved for a warm savory sauce, rich and creamy are the descriptives for the gorgeous pastels, metallic grays and sleek nudes that are part of the 2011 nail polish trends.

NIce Nudes – High gloss is no nonsense and very shiny.

Tiffany Box Blue – Just as springy as a fresh baby Robin’s egg.

Peachy PInk – As pretty as a daisy petal

Lavender – Love any kind of purple

Gun metal gray – Always gotta have a metallic in the collection

Blistering Orange – As fanciful as a flower

Hot Pink – Let ’em know YOU HAVE ARRIVED.

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