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woman with a broken heartValentines Day and Single Motherhood is not always a good combination. Some of us would like to just skip from Feb 13 to 15. Others would rather crawl under the bedcovers and wait for the way-too-red and heart-inspired 24 hours to pass. Not anymore. Self-gifting is a wonderful way to celebrate the amazing mom and beautiful woman that you are. And here are 10 super fun, self-indulgent gifts (AND PRIZES YOU CAN WIN) to soothe any plus-one envy your heart is holding onto.

1. The Artful Nail
Nothing makes a single mom feel better than a fresh mani. Add a fun decorative nail design and you are a whole new woman. This brand new product called NailSnaps will create any custom design you create. You can draw things like your puppy, favorite flower, or a cool pattern that matches an outfit. And they are cool. I pressed them on my nails then promptly washed dishes and my hair….they stayed perfectly in place!

If you want to win some of your very own, go ahead and create your best Valentines Day design, post it on Instagram with the hashtags. #kzreads, #nailsnaps #vdaykisses. On Valentines Day the folks at Nailsnaps will pick a winner. Or just go for it! Nailsnaps is giving KZ readers 25% off their first set with the promo code VDayKisses.nailsnaps

2. Spa-magic
Do a total checkout for the day and let Spafinder Wellness 365 find you the perfect location for cheap. The site partners with over 25,000 locations, from neighborhood nail salons to Red Door, and even gift cards
accepted by Zeel, an at/home massage service. Who doesn’t love a massage..and we all deserve one…don’t we?! And the best part is You can win a $50 gift card. Sign up in the box below.

3. You cute kitty-cat
Ancient Egyptians believed that cats could make their female masters irresistible! Honey cat Cosmetics, a line of gourmet bath, body and spa products, ascribes to that philosophy. All of their products have a feline twist…because Honeycat wants all you single moms to get in touch with you inner cat woman! You can win one of their super Pamper Packs here for a V-day of total relaxation and rejuvenation. Sign up in the box below. The pack includes lip balm, soap, bubble bath, and a wash cloth. Purrrfect. I had fun opening up my box and finding all these goodies tucked in between the pink tissue paper…If you can’t wait, order one now with promo code MEOW for a 40% discount.

4. Peaceful ZZZZZ’sCRV_GelBedPillows_All
If you are going to sleep through the Valentines holiday there is no better way to do it than with the perfect pillow. I’ve tried the Hydroluxe and it has changed my life. The pillow sleeps cooler and stays cool longer than any other pillows, P.S. for anyone feeling menopausal this pillow has got your name written all over it. Can you say bye bye night sweat? The pillow is gel fused onto memory foam so it cradles your head and neck to relax your muscles, giving you a great night of rest. Prices range from $79.99 for standard, $99.99 for queen, and $129.99 for king. Shipping is free at  BUT if you want one for free…Sign up in the box below.

5. Give your Amygdala a break
Why should your kids have all the fun with the crayola’s? Adult coloring books are all the rage and for good reason. Physicians have found that coloring not only gives your Amygdala (the part of your brain that activates fear) a rest it also exercises fine motor skills and trains your brain to focus. For single moms the “Let It Go” book by Sherese Seven is perfect. I got mine and had fun deciding which picture to color first. (My daughter was very jealous!:)) Want your own? Use promo code KERRZANE for 15% off at Juan Derful, Ink. facebookad

6. Goddesses deserve to be GorG
If you are determined to be that single mom who’s staying in bed all V-day do it beautifully. IMG_0593Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and have your own solo pajama party in PajamaSutra loungewear. Every garment is soft, classically flattering and feminine. The best part is receiving your PajamaSutra. The peeps at PS package your goods just like a gift. Imagine opening the box, peeling back the delicate tissue paper and filling your senses with the freshly pressed rose water scented garment. They also include a special message along with a decadent piece of Belgian dark chocolate. Why not try it?! I have to say, I am the kind of sleeper that consistently loses the PJ bottoms at some point in the middle of the night. But these PJ’s are so soft and comfy I woke up in the AM with pants-ON! Sweet!

Kerrizane readers receive 25% off using promo code HAPPILY. Have it delivered on Feb 14. Oh la la.

7. Sweet Desires
There are tons of subscription boxes on the internet, bIMG_0546ut this is the sweetest one I’ve found. And oh so appropriate for Valentines. Sugarwish allows you to select your favorite candy shop treats (Think MaryJane’s, Jelly Belly’s, Root Beer Barrels, etc.) and send it to anyone you want. You decide what date you want the gift note delivered to the inbox.  Then pick your candies. The gift box will arrive at your doorstep a few days later. You’ll love getting this gifty in the mail. I know I did. The box is Tiffany blue colored, so fun to receive. Then you untie the bow and find your favorite sweets inside. Who needs a Valentines sweetheart bearing chocolate when you can sweet treat yourself! Gifts range from $16.50 – $95.

8. Statement Shirts

There are always opportunities to meet your future mate..even on Valentines. If you are brave enoughIMG_0614 to hit the V-Day single scene, why not stand out in the crowd. Slip into a one-of-a-kind Seaplane Shirt. It is a direct-to-consumer fashion house, so you will not see yourself coming or going in these statement pieces. I’m wearing mine for a casual  IMG_0615GNO on V-day. Cute huh! And I love these guys at Seaplane. They take the leftover scraps from shirts they make and turn them into bowties! Very earth friendly. Right now KZ readers can get yours using this promo code BOWTIE SURPRISE for 50% off the tie and ZANATION 15% OFF the Seafood special.

9. Sexy on the side
Want to rock your world? Why depend on a man, who may…or may not deliver. The brand new Womanizer guarantees you an unfIMG_0540orgettable “O” in 60 seconds or less. I don’t think there is a better self-indulgent Valentines gift than that. Launched just this January, created by the epi24 people, the product is an indirect clitoral stimulator. Let me tell you I was super excited to receive mine in the mail. It’s beautifully packaged, bejeweled, pink and best of all it does the job. Hallelujah! Regardless of your Valentines plans this best buddy is a must.

10. I Scream U Scream We all Scream for…
We single moms love to bury our sorrows in a kick ass carton of ice cream. While Ben & Jerry’s has been the freezer standard I’m challenging you to ratchet it up with Artisanal Foods out of the box flavors. Owner Brett Ottolenghi has teamed up with Vegas chef, Desyree of Gelatology to create a new ice cream line. Brett says “Before we add a product to our collection we taste test hundreds or even thousands of simiIMG_0584lar products. We tasted every ice cream flavor from every recommended craft ice cream producer in the US.” They’ve got crazy flavors like Foie Gras, Mushroom Black Truffle Risotto, Jalapeno Cornbread, and Chicken and Waffles. They also have sweet treats like Nutella Rocky Road, Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie, Cinnamon Roll and Cactus Pear Sorbet. My fav Black Sesame Seed. Buy a variety 12 pack for $99.99 the shipping is free. That’s a different pint for every night for the rest of Feb!

Winners for this Single Mom Valentines Giveaway will be announced February 29, 2016. Don’t miss out on all these cool prizes!


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