Single Mom Holiday Gifts ~ FREE!

by Kerri Zane on December 10, 2014

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Tis the season! The spirit of giving is in the air and giving back to you, my community of single moms, is what I love. This year’s Single Mom Gift Giveaway is packed with glorious pamper me treats. I am so fortunate to be joined by this list of impeccable product sponsors who joined me in order to bring you those much-needed moments of comfort and joy.

Now all you have to do is watch this video. Read all the offers below because there is a $75.00 surprise at the bottom. Choose the one gift that will make you the most happy – you must only pick one to qualify. Fill out the entry form by Christmas Eve, December 24, 2014, then sit back and relax. Winners will be announced Christmas Day.

Couture Gel Nail Polish Kit
It is America’s #1 Selling Gel Nail Polish for home use. This sassy system pays for itself within just 3 salon visits. Created by a mother daughter team their new technology LED curing lamp sets the gel nail polish in only 30 seconds. Plus the polish, which has no harmful chemicals, lasts for up to 3 weeks. What I love about this for you is the ease, simplicity and convenience. If you’re a working single mom you can take it with you. Or if you’d love to get to the nail salon Couture-Gel-Nail-Polishbut don’t have a babysitter, no worries. Even better these ladies are committed to giving back, a percentage of the proceeds from sales goes to the fight against breast cancer. Want to learn more about this cool company? Go to Couture Nail Gel Polish Kit to check out the 100′s of cool colors! If you sign up today and use the promo code JOY20 you’ll get a 20% discount.

This is entire kit is worth $189.00.  We’re giving 2 entire kits away worth $189.00. Plus a 12 piece hypoallergenic, cruelty free cosmetic brush set valued at $59.00. You can win all of this for FREE!

Peachy Keen Perfume
Perfume not only makes you scentalicious to the opposite sex, it’s a statement about who you are and how you’re feeling. And why settle for one scent when there is a universe of choices to suit your every sensibility. Each bottle of SoCal native, Peachy Keen Perfume, is handmade by owner 47fb54fb37215fb38c8439c644507c69Jeanette Price. She learned the art of perfumery in Morocco but all her products are as locally sourced as possible while maintaining highest quality and are all natural materials are organic. For our giveaway Peachy Keen will give you Torrey Pines. It is one of their most popular scents for the holiday. The combination of pine and vanilla offers all the warmth you want for a sexy velvety holiday perfume.

If you choose this and win, you’ll receive a roll on version to carry in your purse valued at $25, plus the full size spray perfume valued at $48. To order a bottle of Torrey Pines click here,  or for Ocean Boulevard click this link. Plus Kerrizane readers get an exclusive discount. Use the code KERRI and you’ll get 15% off. Offer expires December 25th, 2014.

Conscious Box
Convenience is the name of the game when you’re a single mom, but you also want to ensure that you’re kids are super healthy. The two don’t always go hand in hand. Thanks to Conscious Box now they can and don’t you love the whole subscription box craze! What Conscious Box does for us is sort through hundreds of natural goods like snacks, beauty, bath and cleaning products and images
picks only products that meet the company’s high standards. That means all natural ingredients and zero GMOs. Conscious Box supports sustainable, fair trade businesses and all boxes are fully recyclable. One percent of proceeds are donated to the 1% for the Planet organization. Go to the Conscious Box website and check out the box types, Taster or Plus. They come in three varieties: Classic, Vegan and Gluten-Free.

Get your taster box with 6 to 8 samples for FREE! Sign up to win this gift now.

Strider Bikes Unknown
Have you been perplexed wondering how you’re going to teach your kid how to ride a bike without your man? Then it’s time for a STRIDER™ balance bike. These bikes are designed to help children as young as 18 months learn to ride on two wheels. They focus on the fundamentals of balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels. What’s better is you get to spend super fun quality time with your kid and both of you get some much needed fresh air and exercise. You can take the Strider on bike trails, over grass, dirt or a nearby park. And the icing on top? Your little one will sleep well and nap longer – meaning even more free time for Mom AND your toddler has developed healthy exercise habits watching Mom exercising too.

This is an absolute no brainer. We’ve got the Strider Sport to give to you, just pick it to win it. It’s a $119.00 value. But, if you want to give your tike the bike now, click here. You’ll get free shipping and your bike will go out from one of their three warehouses the very next day.

Caribou Coffee Accessories
Nothing is better than the delicious scent of a fresh cup of coffee in the AM. And while there are plenty of premium brewers out there in the marketplace, some of the best-brewed beans come from Caribou Coffee. This holiday season they have a variety of stocking stuffers and gifts thatIMG_1265 will help make life a little easier for you single moms on the go. Our gift giveaway includes Tech gloves so you check updates on your phone without taking off your glove—or putting down your latté. Super cute espresso cups with antler handles, Flavored lip balm that tastes like coffee, a commuter mug, an adorable kid cup and dish set and a bag of beans, natch. The value on all these is…..You gotta pick it to win it!

Stop into any one of their many locations throughout the U.S. or just link here to peruse their holiday gift section. Or for some cute stocking stuffer ideas take a look at these Pinboards. To win the goodie box featured in the video worth over $60.00 pick it on the entry form.

Aquafon Waterproof Phone Case
I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just don’t want to carry a handbag. That doesn’t mean I want to be without my cell. Who does?? Of course some venues are kid friendly, but cell phone not-so-muunnamedch. Not anymore. Thanks of this clever invention brought to you by another single mom you can be hands and worry free. It’s called the Aquafone water proof phone case. This case allows you to hang your phone around your neck. It was designed to be in or near the water and keep your phone dry and protected because it has a secure locking system. You can even take it down 100 ft under water and it remains functional for video and photos. It’s got crystal clear panels so you can see and access all the functions of your cell phone. Everything just continues to be one swipe away! There is nothing obstructing the camera of your phone. It fits all cell phones with a screen size up to 5.3″ and there is still room to insert in your ID card, credit card, and money.

If you don’t want to wait to win this godsend of a gift, Kerri Zane friends and followers get $3 OFF. Click this link to get access to $3 OFF coupon and a BONUS E-book: Living A Stress Free Life.

Neccessity is the mother of invention and sometimes necessary accessories are too! Amy Olson was a stay at home mom who decided she needed to gussy up her boots (they’re good for Jeans and yoga pants too). Now she is a busy entrepreneur and the brains behind Kuhfs. images-3
They come in high quality fabrics, one size fits all and a variety of designs to suit your personal style. Each pair of Kuhfs are handmade, simple to apply with a clever slide pin and are lined with silicone to keep them in place. I like to think of Kuhfs as statement accessory accent in my wardrobe, like a scarf, but smarter.

We’ve got a pair of these cute little add-ons for one winner. Go ahead pick ‘em, you know you’ll make your friends jealous.

Retail value starts at $39.00 and Amy has promised that if you don’t want to wait for the winner to be announced to get your first pair and you buy a pair now, shipping is free through December 18, 2014. Just click here!

Kodi Bag
As a woman on the go, Carol Sullivan constantly needing a larger bag to images-2accommodate all the things she needed to and places she needed to be, yet she still wanted all her essential items that she kept inside her everyday handbag. Balancing a handbag and a tote was time consuming and cumbersome, and we single moms are all about saving time, that’s why I love her
2-in-1 Kodi bag. It’s really a bag system that allows you to attach your handbag inside the tote so that it becomes a large pocket. Then when you get where you going and you don’t need to shlep the bigger bag you just detach the purse. Go ahead re-imagine your diaper bag! Brilliant.

Every single mom can use one of these and for $99.00 it’s a no brainer. Pick it to win it.

If you don’t want to wait till December 25th, Carol is offering 30% off, plus free shipping, to kerrizane readers. Use promo Code: GOKODI here.

Where else are you going to get $75.00 worth of babysitting services for FREE?! UrbanSitter has generously offered this gift so you can get all gussied up and go to all the holiday parties you can muster. What’s nice about UrbanSitter is it replicates the traditional word-of-mouth process that you rely on, kind of like OpenTable for babysitters. You can view sitters that people in your network (like friends, moms groups, school affiliations, sports teams) already know and trust there is even a rating system for skills, experience and the number of repeat families. And yes there’s an app for that which facilitate mobile payment. There are gift cards available that can be delivered instantly by email or you can print them at home if you want to share your babysitting secret to with other single moms. Enjoy a free trial at! Book your first babysitter for free. Click the link here. Voila!



P.S. Everyone wins my FREE online course “Be Your Own Date Detective” click this link and sign-up TODAY!



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