5 Great Back-in-the-Sack Hacks for Single Moms

by Kerri Zane on September 1, 2015

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flirty moves

flirty moves

You’ve dated this new guy several times. You know he’s the one you want to bounce back into bed with. But making the right moves from dinner and conversation to back in the sack can be anxiety inducing. If you’ve been in a LTR or marriage perhaps your sexy game is a little rusty. You want to do and say the right things to let him know how you feel. Make sure he understands where your head is at and that you’ve chosen to engage with him this way. And naturally you want to master it all with sophistication.

Here are 5 no fail tricks to get your new man in the mood, plus allow you to feel like the seductive goddess you are.

1. Let your hand do the talking
One of the top five flirty moves is to reach out and touch your man. So while your out to dinner, or having a drink, you can let him know exactly what’s on your mind with the flick of your fingertips. For example, when you are responding to a question or making a specific point, reach out and lightly embrace his bicep with a soft touch open palm. Let him know your engaged in whatever it is he’s saying by gingerly placing your hand on his lower thigh. He might lose his train of thought, but he’ll absolutely pick up your vibe.

2. Whisper sweetly
Going to the movies is a nice start. To top it off with whispering ‘sweet nothings’ into his ears during the film. Your warm breath will tickle the nerve endings in his ear and get the rest of his body stirring.

3. Chill your lips
Turn a party full of people into a private knowing moment. While sipping on cocktail suck up one of the ice cubes in your drink and let it cool down your lips. Then when your man least expects it pucker up for a wispy kiss. Watch his surprised expression once your chilled lips touch his.

4. Tip your tongue
Sitting at the bar waiting for your restaurant table can be the sexy start to your evening’s foreplay. When you’re sipping your drink, place your tongue on the edge of your glass. Just a glimpse of the tip of your tongue will set his imagination in motion. Don’t be surprised if you don’t make it to the dinner.

5. Become a Striparella
If you’ve successfully made it through drinks and dinner and your back at your place turn down the lights, turn up your Pandora sensual listening station and move slowly to the beat while keeping constant eye contact to your man. Start to undress with no fear. Remember he’s feeling as insecure and unsure as you are.

Sarah Jackson for Fantasie

Sarah Jackson for Fantasie

(spoiler tip: men feel as insecure about their bodies as we do about ours…we’re even) When you finally reveal your lacies make sure they’re Fantasie’s. It’s a premium line of elegantly shaped jewel tone lingerie he’ll find irresistible. Then let him take over undressing.

Try all or some of these sexy moves on your new man and let me know how it goes? or do you have another suggestion? We’d love to hear it. Please share in the comment section or in our Facebook community.

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