5 Celeb Single Mom Summer Styles to Steal

by Kerri Zane on June 22, 2015

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Sandra outfit Being a single mom isn’t easy for a celebrity, just as for an ordinary person. But there are some celeb single moms setting an example for all women, not only when it comes to parenthood, but in being knockout moms in the fashion sense too. You might ask yourself: “How on earth they can accomplish that?” Your answer would probably be: “Yes, they have millions of stylists, hairdressers and designers”. The truth is it’s a little more difficult for you, but it is still doable. Here are Hollywood’s 5 best Single Mom fashionistas.

Sandra Bullock

This loving mother of an adopted boy has the perfect girl-next-door style that is quite easy to steal and approachable. This Oscar-winning actress has impeccable fashion choices when it comes to casual style. Incorporating some of her best outfits into your look isn’t that hard, just put on an oversized white T-shirt, long or short-sleeved on top of black capri-pants. Pair it all up with classy black heels, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

Denise RichardsDenise outfit

Besides being a super mom in every way, she is also a super-stylish mom, hats off to you Denise. Though she knows how to perfectly shine in an elegant outfit, her street style is also super cool and stealable. She’s often photographed by paparazzi in her everyday role of mother, as she takes her daughters to school or shopping and she always looks effortlessly stunning. Her secret: we would say a great pair of fitted jeans. Copy her style by simply putting on your best pair of jeans and a little wider white buttoned-down shirt, combine it with a pair of stiletto heels and a big purse.

Padma outfitPadma Lakshmi

As for the easy-breezy summer street style, trust us, nobody does it better than this “Top chef” judge/former model/actress/television host/super-mom. She understands that one doesn’t always have to wear a ton of jewelry and elegant outfit, sometimes it’s all about combining comfort with stylishness. So take our and Padma’s advice and opt for simple cotton maxi dress, and dare to wear bright colors. As for shoes, try wedges instead of high heels, it’s equally efficient and more comfortable.

Monica Cruz

Let’s first congratulate this girl for being a great single mom by choice role model. That’s right – Monica chose to go for an anonymous sperm donor, and now she has a beautiful baby girl, Antonella. Reason? Monica claims that she doesn’t need a perfect man. This is why we chose to steal her Monica cruz outfitstyle for any brave, single pregnant mom-to-be out there.  It’s second nature to walk into a boutique and head straight for the dress section – even if you don’t really wear them. But there are plenty of other more practical statement pieces. Determine what actually works best for your preggo body type. Or go for a new twist on your pre-pregnant body type. It is whatever works best for you and makes you feel most comfortable.

Sheryl outfitSheryl Crow

This amazingly talented singer is also a single mom who knows her fashion. So to complete our steals, we recommend doing it like Sheryl.  There is no room for being shy when emulating this hot-mama’s style, be bold enough to show a little skin.  Turn on your rock ‘n’ roll mama mode on, and step out in a black jumpsuit, showing off your bare shoulders and enjoying the summer in light materials. Pair it up with ankle-strap heels, and voila, a hot mama walking down the street.

Are you ready for some style stealing? Summer is almost here, so don’t hesitate any longer, put on your favorite pair of jeans, or a jumpsuit and create your own flawless street style.

Have ideas you’d like to share? A celeb you think has great single mom style? Send us your suggestions, pinterest boards or polyvores.

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