Single Mom February Fitness + Giveaway

by Kerri Zane on February 9, 2015

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January 1 is a big day for single moms. Well, it’s a big day for everyone really. It’s a clean slate day. Fresh start. Ambitious resolutions abound. Top of the list for many is becoming more active and shedding our winter holiday weight gain.

BUT…by February 1 researchers have uncovered that nearly 88% of us will have lost our umph. And for better or worse, feeling good about how we look is a significant factor in our overall confidence. It affects how we are with our children, who we chose to date and how we behave around our peers. So I want to help you stay on the fitness straight and narrow for 2015.

Watch the video and see what’s in store for you. Then sign up to win this incredible healthy – inside and out – package.

Start with the inside – Vous Vitaminsphoto(18)
Taking a daily multivitamin is an easy step toward better health and potential weight loss and Vous Vitamins are a good choice. Founded by Drs. Romy Block and Arielle Levitan, you get a multivitamin tailored to suit your individual needs.
If you’d like to determine the formulation that’s right for you click here and complete a brief personal survey. Order now through March 9, 2015 and Vous is offering you a 15% discount. Use promo code KerriZane15 at checkout.

Move to the outside – Quenchwear
Once you’ve got your insides handled it’s time to prettify the outside. No one feels inspired to go to the gym in an oversized t-shirt and sweats. And you might not feel comfortable in super tight fitting fitness gear either. That is why I adore Quenchwear. It is the perfect blend of style, comfort and flattery. As Wendy, the designer said, she created the line to fit a “real” woman’s body with looks that transition from active to anywhere.

Do something fun – Genesis Archery
As a single mom our lives are all about multi-tasking and one of the healthiest combination of activities is anything we can do outdoors with our kids. That is why participating in a sport like Archery is so cool. To say nothing of it’s “Hunger Games” glow. As we said in the video, Archery has lots of grown up benefits for you. It’s also a great sport for your kids. Not only does archery develop confidence, (check out the Bulls I Did It! Program), but the sport is super affordable, because your kid will never outgrow the bow. Plus, with Genesis you can build your very own bow with up to 11 different colors to choose from. How cool is that?!IMG00057

From now through March 9, 2015, if you enter to win this giveaway you’re going to get the whole shebang!

* Your very own personalized one month supply Vous Vitamins + their snappy situational supplements, Power-up for energy, Immune Blast for when you feel the flu coming on and Recovery for that night that you had a little too much fun.
*A pair of Quenchwear Judy pants.
*And your very own Genesis bow and arrow kit.

This is a total package worth over $400.

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