Sample Sizzle Reels

Sexperiment with Dr. Tara

Move over Ruth, Dr. Tara is here to help everyone achieve their daily O!

Tales from the Wine Sellar
Where unique wine and everyday food intersect. Finding the hidden gems made by cutting edge winemakers

On The Pass With…

One A-list celebrity chef joins their local fav for one epic night ~ cooking, dishing, dining and sharing a celebrated recipe, career defining moments and some delicious kitchen confidentials

Design in the Making
Ana Maria Martinez not only designs every piece of furniture she dresses the entire room with her creations


UnMasking The Past
History is a lie ~ and we have the stories to prove it.


Great American Food Find

The Nation’s most innovative food fanatics will face off in an all-out competition to discover and launch America’s next great food product.

Hemp n Hotties

Cannabis is a highly competitive and lucrative enterprise. For Calyfx partners, in business and bed, Dennis D’Alessio and Christine Smith, and their uber ambitious glam team of salespeople, every marketing tactic and high-end asset comes out to play in an effort to win the biggest piece of the $4b industry.


The Peoples Advocate

Known as the modern-day Erin Brockovich, America’s top-class action lawyer Kelly Hyman has represented hundreds of claimants garnering millions of dollars in payouts to her clients throughout her 20 years of practice. We will follow her, and her colleagues, as they fight to win their current cases.


Allison Williams and Monica Maslack our best friends, business partners and the MOST sought after home stagers on the Eastern Seaboard. 


Six part limited series hosted by NYT Best-selling author and host of Dark Minds, M.William Phelps. Follow Phelps as he uncovers the truth behind Daniel Holtzclaw’s wrongful conviction.

Defending Heroes

After 15 years as a leading prosecutor in the District Attorney’s office, Lisa Houle flipped sides becoming one of the top female criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles for a VERY specific and special clientele.

Rascal & the Rabbi

Occu-series follows two unlikely friends on a mission to transform the world


I loved hosting this series with my friend and travel buddy Christina Cindrich. We got to visit luxury resorts and prepare meals with top Michelin star chefs around the world

In this occu-series we follow 16 year old make-up mogul in the making Zach Dishinger as he launches his eponymous lipstick line.
This episodic series follows those women in South Beach who measure their status by the size of their man’s wallet.

Realtor Greg Lewis is surprised when Mimes move into his new listing at
6372 W. 82nd St. Westchester, CA 

Business expert and self-made success, Caterina Rando, is setting the world on fire helping women turn their brainstorms into multi-million dollar businesses one Fempire at a time.