Avoid These Foods on Your First Date

by Kerri Zane on November 3, 2014




We’ve all heard the saying, “You can never make a second first impression.” It’s true, in business and in dating. Every first interaction with your potential future lover counts. Getting to know a person and engaging in different types of activities (aka dates) is a test of compatibility. Needless to say, your first meal together has huge implications. Not only should you bring your personality A game, wear your most becoming outfit and slip on the right pair of shoes, you must also order a meal that puts you in the best light.

So, to help you make the right choices, here are 10 menu items you should never order on your first date.

1. Spaghetti or any other long dangly noodle that requires slurping in order to fit it all past your lips, it’s not appropriate. The list should include angel hair pasta, linguini, capellini, spaghettini, tagliatelle, & don’t forget Asian varietals such as glass, soba and lo mein noodles.

2. Fat sushi rolls. If you can’t figure out how to gracefully stuff it into your mouth in one bite, it’s not exactly a second date getter.

3. Double double burgers. If your jaw nearly comes unhinged taking a bit, it’ll contort your face in a way you don’t want, not pretty.

4. Any menu item you feel compelled to exclude, include or switch out more than one ingredient in the dish, it screams high-maintenance.

5. Super saucy sloppy joes. If it has the potential to dribble down your chin, pass.

6. Hot dogs – obviously, sends the wrong message.

7. Ribs. They’re finger-licking good – no doubt. But, if you have to lick your fingers to get the most out of this meal, forget it. Digging the remains out from under your fingernails is also less than pretty.

8. Buffalo Wings. See #7

9. Anything you feel you will need to use your fingers as utensils. Case and point; fried chicken. It makes for a very tasty meal, but as an observer of one who’s partaken in said chicken, the grease slipping down your digits does not make for a stellar first impression.

10. Garlic chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, garlic bread, fried garlic, garlic beef…. you get the picture. (You can insert onion for garlic – the same rule applies) Unless of course your date’s a dud and you want to guarantee there won’t be a second date.