me and kids 2013There are many times I come across amazing entrepreneurial single moms and laud them for their outstanding efforts and masterful juggling skills. It is time to share these lovely inspirational ladies with all of you. So, each month I am going to spotlight a deserving single mom superstar. This month it is Susan Klinsport the founder and creator of IntelliDent.

IntelliDent is a protective shield for your toothbrush. It remindsIMG_3381 me of a nifty little stocking cap for your dental device. I have always been dubious about putting my toothbrush in a plastic cover, you know how they get all yucky and grungy. They also trap bacteria overtime. Don’t want to put that business in your mouth! The IntelliDent shield wicks moisture away from your toothbrush and blocks up to 99% of airborne and surface bacteria. They come in packs of 10 and each is good for seven days. Clever right!

And the lady behind this invention is also quite clever. A widowed single mom of two, Alisa, 20 and Edward, 16, Susan’s husband passed on in 2009 after suffering 2 strokes earlier in the decade. With her husband gone Susan needed to take on the breadwinner role. She told me, “I knew I wanted to show my children that I was strong. It took a few years, but starting this new business brought me back to the strong and capable person I was before my husband’s illness.”

The inspiration for her invention was borne out of a discussion with her dad about travel and “don’t you just hate when you don’t know what to do with your toothbrush……” “It suddenly hit me after all the crazy things I did to cover my own toothbrush (wrapping in paper towel and ziplock baggie…) that if I took all of my Tools out of my Tool box I could devise a solution.” she said. Susan did her homework researching, finding experts, costing the product, finding a contract manufacturer and building a prototype. Since the launch in ’09 she’s not looked back. IntelliDent protective shields have been featured on Fox News, about.com and Katie. Make-up maven Bobbi Brown loves them and now, after trying them, so do I!

Susan’s advice to other entrepreneurial-minded single moms “make sure your friends/family/support team have your back. You will need them along the way. To fill in, to push you to keep trying when you think you’re done….. And reach out to the Women’s Organizations that support growth for Female owned businesses.” She also advises to stay positive, follow your gut, keep a small circle of trust and her golden rule in getting results, “Follow Up! When you are small, no one is going to come and find you, you have to make yourself found.”

Susan’s final words: “My faith keeps me centered and humble. My children inspire me to never give up so I can exemplify that hard work and determination pay off.”

Intellident protective shields cost $5.99 for a 10-pack and are available at Walgreens, walgreens.com, amazon.com or toothbrushsheld.com. There are also Intellident protective shields for dental devices and mouthguards as well.


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